Tips…. Massage is like going to the gym

Three quick but basicĀ  tips:

Communicate – Breath – Hydrate

More deeply, massage like going to the gym:

While its not always active or a “workout”, but it can be. How much it is depends on the goals you have laid out. Here are some ways they are similar…

  • They are both best done regularly.
  • They complement but do not replace each other
    • help tone muscles
    • keep muscles healthy
  • If you really work a muscle it may be sore the next day. It usually feels good, but drinking plenty of water, eating healthy, and when necessary, using an ice pack can help.
  • Warmup, work, and cool down. Just like the gym, we warm up the tissues, work deeper, and finish by cooling down or gently working each area.
  • Just like when you work out, you will want to breath to help the muscle respond to the massage. Like at the gym, there are some times that may be best to help. i.e. deeper strokes, or when holding a tight spot/trigger point.