Outcall information

Please leave a 15 minute window for variations in travel time for outcalls. If you have a strict time window, please mention it when you schedule.

Hotels/Motels/Bed and Breakfast  (see zone 1)
Price – includes: First 5 miles & First 2 hours of parking. Though we may not need it, if you have parking available, please say so when you schedule (see posted price on pricing page).

  • Zone 1 – Includes residences and businesses in the French Quarter, CBD & Warehouse district. Due to complexity of the location, these are generally priced at the same rate as hotels, motels, and bed & breakfasts. (These may qualify for Green) $65
  • Zone 2 – Orleans Parish – Riverbend to the Industrial canal & River to I-610 along with parts of Old Metarie (Local Zone & may qualify for Green) $35 depending on availability
  • Zone 3 – Flood Protection zone and beyond- Add $5 to the local zone, and $1/mile after the first 5 miles from the Riverbend location.  (These may not always be available)
  • Green Zone – Occasionally, specials are offered for going green.  Green means you have your own table, and your therapist can arrive by bike saving parking, and the environment. $35 weather dependent.
  • Multiple sessions are at the normal price except for locations which require paid parking. Going longer than one hour (i.e. 90 minutes to 4 hours) is an additional $10

Outcalls require a minimum of 30 minutes between appointments–both before and after–, travel time, setup time, carrying of equipment, and tear down time. This costs the therapist one potential massage at a rate of $75 per hour making the $35 starting price a steal. Difficult areas that require paid parking, climbing flights of stairs, or walking a block increase the time and effort.

Chair & Event Massage:

Are typically $1.25/minute, but may vary*.

Call for a quote including travel charges.
(Chair Massage i.e. office or event)
(Table i.e. sports and events)

  • Many Companies cover part or all of the cost for there employees.
  • $10 gets you a 10 minute session 2 of which minutes are used to clean and adjust the chair for you. ($15 gets you 12-13 minutes hands on, and $20 gets you 17-18 minutes hands on)
  • I use 5-10 minutes each hour, to wash up and re-energize
  • Link: Benefits of corporate/employee chair massage


Various package options are available:

  • Pay for time plus per minute worked (Great if you can’t guarantee who will sign up, and only want to pay for those that get a massage) NOTE: While you save if no one gets a massage, the hourly price is higher if all the slots fill. This is a great package if you want your employees or guests to pay for there own massages.
  • Pay per hour – This means you pay full price, and its on you to push to fill the time slots to ensure you get the best deal.
  • Pay per day – We’ll be available all day until a certain number of massages are done or time is up. This is a hybrid of the first two, and can be done in partial day segments too.
  • Tips are not included. Generally 15-25/hour is suggested.


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