Outcalls start at $30 plus the massage price.
NOTE: Most outcalls are tightly scheduled. Please allow a 15 minute +/- buffer. If a strict outcall start and finish time is needed please inform your therapist when you schedule. You may call your therapist around the start time to help them locate your facility. Because they are driving, they may not answer. So they may focus on driving, please do not call more than a couple times. Without waiting 15 minutes.

Several outcall types are available.

  • Traditional Therapeutic massages – On a massage table
  • Special events – Groups & events – With a chair or massage table
    Most special events are scheduled to have the therapist arrive ~15 minutes early

Special green massage pricesĀ  may be available if you have your own table. Green because the therapist, can bike, bus, use a smaller car, or save the time and trouble of carrying the massage table or chair.

Massage pricing is based on location. Ask if your location falls in the base zone, a premium location or out of the area.

The base zone is an area that falls under the standard outcall pricing. This is an area that is near the therapists normal range of operations, and is therefore falls under the standard price.

Premium locations are in an area where driving, parking, and walking to the location are harder. Most areas where the therapist is required to walk a block, walk up more than a flight of stairs, pay for parking, or in a high traffic urban or festival area.

Anything out of the area is charged at the standard price, plus a millage fee. (Typically $1 per mile)

Therapists may not travel together, so there may be an outcall fee for each therapist.

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