Prices – Suggested Packages

Standard Pricing

(Description, Room Time & Clinical hours)
Studio Outcall, Hotel/Bed & Breakfasts
(First Session) — Also, locals can go green and save!
90 Minute – Extended massage $115 $180
60 Minute – Therapeutic Massage $85 $140
Short 60 $65 $100
Discount 60 $75 (Studio Only)
30 Minute $45 (Call for Pricing)
Chair/Partial Body (Call) (Call for Pricing)
Special Events  — (Call for Pricing)
Two Full Bodies in a row (See clinical hour) Double the Full Body Price 225 two hours
295 three hours or two ninety minutes
Two Hour single session
(includes tip)
$230 $260+

Full day package
5 hours in a 7 hour period

(Call) (Call for Pricing)
Available add-on’s:

  • Foot Soak & Bath/Scrub, Aroma Therapy, Paraffin Dip (Hands or Feet) — $10 each
  • Moist Heat, Ice, or HotIce Therapeutic Lotion (Biofreez, MedicIce, or TigerBalm) — $10
  • Upgrade to Tea vs. Water, Candles from your session — Free (If available)


Same day evening appointments add up to $20 or more if you call after 4 pm (as well as after hours – i.e. after 7pm)
Prices are for the primary studio uptown (Lowerline & Cohn) Other locations may be higher i.e. Riverside Spa and Nails across from Canal Place, and Downtown Fitness at Canal Place

Please arrive no more than 5 minutes early if you are coming to my primary studio. While I try to space out appointments at least 15 minutes apart*. Please allow time for the previous client to get up, dressed and out, and preferably leave enough time for me clear my energy & get the room setup for you.

*outcalls may be as little at 30 minutes apart (please leave a 15 minute +/- window for variations in travel time for outcalls) —

More outcall information
Information on specials