Specials: The fine print… details, availability, and limitations

The idea is to allow the maximum availability of quality massage to all. Discounts and specials are offered for several reasons. First, to give you the opportunity to try a service you might not otherwise try. Second, to accommodate those that cant otherwise afford a quality massage. To continue to offer these specials to those that need it, please, take advantage of discounts only if you need the discount.

Specials are only valid when mentioned when booking, and if available. Not all specials are available at all locations.

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Coupons / Frequent Buyer Cards / Pre-Payment & Bulk Specials / Grants

Various specials have appeared on the web, and locally find out where you can learn more and join our facebook, twitter or mail lists. Some specials require you to Friend/Like/Check-In, or Sign-up online!

  • Save $10 on your first visit
  • Free Upgrade (paraffin dip / foot bath / 30 minute upgrade / add aroma therapy / heat or cold therapies)
    One of these upgrades is frequently offered throughout the year.
    At the therapists discretion, these may be added to your first session if available.
  • Frequent Visit cards: If you come 5 times and have your discount card marked, get your sixth session for $10
  • Percent off: I partner with various groups and businesses to offer a savings for there customers and employees.
    (Ask about the: Herb Import Co., Yoga & Roman Pizza specials)
  • Go Green: As of the spring 2011, I have opted to bike most places. If you have your own table, and are in reasonable biking distance of the University Area or French Quarter offices, I may offer discounts on out-calls down to as little as $10 over in-studio rates.
  • 30% off Students / Service Industry / Artist / Volunteers / Low-Income / Hardship
    • Students: Show a valid student ID
    • Service Industry: Do you make most of your income from TIPS? Show your pay stub, vendor’s card, or verifiable business card.
    • Artist: Show your city ID, Playbill, Cast Listing, Portfolio, Add your therapist + 1 to a show.
    • Volunteer: If you are here as a volunteer, please ask when scheduling we may request you have your agency confirm your work on letterhead. (I’ve worked with Americorp, American Red Cross, Common Ground Relief, Bike-N-Build, Rebuilding Together, Habitat for Humanity, and Various Church Groups.
    • Low-Income — If you have a yellow card/MIS, Medicaid, LaCHIP, LaMOMS or an income based discount at a community health center such as Daughters of Charity, or qualify for food stamps — Please NOTE: We do not work with these programs and receive no compensation. Instead, we may offer a discount directly to you.
  • Name your price & Grants —
    • Name your price — Occasionally there are gaps in the schedule or slow days that need to be filled. Submit an email stating what days and times you are able to come in, and what price you can afford. The more you can afford, the more likely you are to get a call.
    • Other Grants — Name your issues, submit an email saying what you need, and why you need assistance. You may be awarded a discount.
  • Birthday offers are available to ‘Online Friends’ and usually valid within a week of your birthday (before or after).
How to keep in touch and informed: Papers, Facebook, Twitter, Mail
  • Occasionally I will post information on local bulletin boards at businesses near one of my locations
  • Occasionally I will promote a special in local media i.e. The Gambit, Clarion Herold, Where Y’at, Off Beat, and others
  • Become a facebook friend: Patrick Miller LMT
  • Like Amazing Hands Massage Therapy:
  • Not Currently using twitter, email or postal mail
Locations fall under several categories:

  • Home Base – The home base, is a location where the rent is already paid, and the cost is the same irregardless of the number of visits made there. DO NOT confuse this with a free location. The room still has a cost which in fact may be higher because it is most likely not shared, and If it is shared, it may limit that ability to use the facility at certain times.
  • Home Base II – This is a location where the cost has also already been paid only there is a minimum number of time slots required to fulfill the rental agreement. Again this is not free, and is usually paid based on the number of sessions. Giving a discount at one of these locations may severely cut into the costs. Giving a discount too early in the month, means that fewer slots will be available later in the month.
  • Primary – A primary location is the primary or base location where most sessions are held.
  • Primary II – A primary location for a particular day may vary i.e. on Mondays my primary location may be downtown. Whereas normally the primary location may be Uptown.
  • Privileges at – often times services may be available at various locations. Think of it like a doctor is given the privilege to offer services at multiple hospitals. None of which are the “Office”. Often you can request services at any of the locations, but timing and cost must be worked out.

Generally discounts are only offered at the Primary/Home Base Locations (Currently Cohn St. Location) Other locations may have specials on a case by case – day by day basis, and generally with a cap. i.e. 1/2 the normals discount or $10 max discount.

Availability & Limitations
In addition to primarily being available only at the Home Base location(s), discounts may be limited by the day and time.

Factors for all availability:

  • Holidays — Due to Limited availability, generally no advanced discounts, but last minute discounts may be available to fill an empty holiday schedule if the choice is made to be open. please call to see what is available. In fact, specials may be welcomed as some holidays, or the days leading up to or following them, may end up being slower than normal.
    (Typical 7 + banking/local holidays/major events/festivals: See Chart Below)
  • Pre/Post-Holiday — A few days after a holiday are often a good time to book as extra cash may be needed for the holiday
  • Same Day availability — Calling for a same day appointment after 4pm is NOT recommended as the schedule is either already booked or the day is being wrapped up.
  • Full Days/Weeks — Therapists often only work 5 hours hands on during a day, and 20 in a week. (Book early if possible)
  • Evenings & Weekends — Evenings and weekends are in high demand, and frequently fill up quick. (See Below: Limited Discount availability)
  • Limited Discount availability — Some specials and discounts are sponsored, and limited funds are available, so they may be limited per day or week. This also goes for the therapist. If the therapist is mostly full, they may hold the option to reserve the last spot for someone paying more. After all, you pay triple or more for those last several seats on an airplane.
  • Regulars & Tipping: If you are a regular client, or you are a known tipper, you may be more likely to have better availability options.  (with limitations)
  • Some discounts may be restricted to certain days & times
  • Most discounts are limited to once a month per person.
  • Some discounts may be combined to a maximum of 50% off (at Home Base)
  • Most discounts are limited or not available at locations other than the Home Base. In fact prices may even be higher than standard pricing.
  • Not all therapists honor all specials. If availability is limited, you may be referred to another therapist who has different prices, specials, and availability
  • Discounts are limited for couples sessions & special events. In addition to being extra work to coordinate, not being at a Home Location, and involving various therapists, makes discounts & specials difficult or impossible to offer.
  • Business Hours/Office Hours vs Working Hours: Business hours are Monday through Friday 10am-4pm (phone business 9-5 Central) Excluding the holidays listed in the chart. Actual working/available hours are longer and normally include weekends. The phone is generally answered anytime 8am till 10pm


Holiday Chart
(Call for availability 504-717-2577):

  • January: New Years; Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • February: 14 – Valentines day; [~16-21] – Washington’s Birthday; (Floating: Mardi Gras; Ash Wednesday)
  • March: 17 – St. Patrick’s day*; 19 – St. Joseph’s Day*; (Floating: Passover/Good Friday; Easter)
  • April: (Local: ~12-15 – French Quarter fest; Jazz Fest – Last Weekend)
  • May: (Local: Jazz Fest – First Weekend); Memorial Day (last Monday & weekend before)
  • July: 4 – Independence Day; (Local: Essence Fest)
  • September: Labor Day (First Monday & The associated weekend); (Local: Decadence – Labor Day weekend)
  • October: [~8-14] – Columbus Day; 31 – Halloween (Locally: Several Days)
  • November: 2 – Day of the Dead; ~11 – Veterans Day; Thanksgiving (4th Thursday)
  • December: 25 – Christmas Day
  • Occasional special Days: BCS Games (Bowl Championship Series Game/s); March Madness: i.e. Final 4; Super Bowl

NOTE: Some are observed on the nearest Monday (see brackets around dates with a ~), others a nearby weekend possibly in addition to or instead of the actual day (*), and some may include part of the day before and/or after.

Pre-Payment may be required especially during holidays & festivals

Holiday factors: Several factors affect holiday availability:

  1. Demand: Demand may be higher or lower than normal
  2. Participation: Your therapist may want to participate in festivities
  3. Transportation: Often transportation around the city may be affected during holidays, and thus make it hard to plan.
  4. Holidays may affect more than just the “official” day of the holiday.
Tipping your massage therapist is always recommended. Some say you should not tip the owner, but you should tip the therapist doing the work. You are tipping for the work done. Your therapist puts there heart and soul into your session, show them your appreciation. The session is often priced so everyone can get work done. Some days a knot or two needs extra work. That extra work is put into your session, and should be rewarded.

What should you tip?

  • Tipping varies, and anything is recommended even if it is just a dollar.
  • Some don’t tip, while others tip up to $60 an hour. That is over 50% of the cost of an hour.
  • An average tip is $5-35
    • 10-50% on a chair massage – Chair massages are more work than a table massage, often under priced (frequently 20% less than table prices), and often given as samples. It is suggested to make up that difference, before actually tipping.
    • 15-30% on a table massage — Generally people throw down a set of twenty’s, and make the different a tip. Hence the typical tip is $5-35.
  • Gifts are always appreciated, but unless they are needed, they are no replacement for a normal tip. In fact, if a gift may perceived the wrong way, and may reduce the quality of the massage to keep it from becoming ‘too personal’, and maintain a professional barrier.

NOTE… Why tipping is important: A therapist at a spa or shared facility often gives more than half of what you pay to the facility, and tipping is the way they make there money. If the therapist is at there own facility, they don’t have the luxury of having a dozen people working for them to help pay for the facility. In fact, you can get better service if you want a particular therapist because your therapist has a larger selection of times. If you get a quality massage, show them both your appreciation, and keep them in business with a good tip.

Trades & Gifts
Most items you would think of as a trade would be better off as a tip or gift. Trades are counted as income by the tax man. So the offer to trade must have a reasonable value to the therapist. If it is of sufficient value that the therapist actually needs the product or service, they would probably just go out and acquire it. Yes, on there own. Possibly at your store. Because of this, any trade is most likely already devalued to your therapist. Anything you are offering is more of a value to you proposing the trade. It is assumed that the value is because you gain a discount or benefit, and thus may have to accommodate to the therapists availability. Trades may feel personal so unless you are already a friend, great care will be taken to maintain a professional barrier. Sometimes seconds may be welcomed, other times only professional items (NOTE: I often get wholesale and bulk pricing). Please check before making a purchase. These issues leads to a a double whammy for you.

  • A: Most likely, a discount will not be applied. I.E. Your trade could be based off of 100+% session price.
  • B: It will be treated as if you are using a deep discount. I.E. lower priority times, and most likely limited to slower times.

Often gifts  (Wish List: Amazon (link))

Potentially higher priority items:

  • Professional Moist Heat heating pad (given the cost and the facilities size and volume, a hydroculator can not be used)
  • Professional Table warmer (while not used frequently, the old warmer was 5 years old and is no longer usable)
  • Cleaning/Filing/Office Duties (Often done by the therapist, quality assistance may be accepted)
  • Rolling table carrier
  • Bike Trailer
  • Professional Electrical Work: I have a utility shed I want to add a box to and a main/sub line run about 100′ to.
  • Massage Therapy Trade: I am open to trading with professional massage therapists. I will do up to one trade per week, with a goal of at least one massage every 4 weeks. It is proper health maintenance. I prefer to set aside a few hours and make it a trade day/morning. I don’t want to owe or be owed. (Its a low enough priority item that having something of such high value lingering out there is not worth it) If you don’t like to give a massage after getting one, I’ll receive first. It gives me energy for the day.
  • I have several wood projects & building I have in the works. I can do most DIY, but some need extra work.
  • Welding

Other things and there considerations:

  • Water or other after care drinks: These can easily just be purchased fairly affordable. While fancy things may be nice, It may not be a core feature of my services. People are encouraged to drink water, or a healthy drink after a massage, but we’ve gone green and don’t go out of the way to purchase these items. If you want these for your session, you can bring a case, but since it is taking up space, it would be shared with others. Water and specialty drinks can go bad, I must ensure it is a grant/gift item, and not the dumping of an old product that is about to go bad. (Taken at partial credit)
  • Books: We don’t need more books, but they can be nice reference items, and are often referred to clients. (Taken at partial credit) (****ADD list****)
  • Clothes: Costumes are more likely accepted for trade items. Anything else would be considered a tip. All may be re-gifted.
  • Sheets: I have a few pairs of sheets that I could swap out for a newer pair. They are not “bad” so I can’t justify going out and purchasing a new pair. (Taken as a tip item)
  • Massage table: I could use a new ultra-portable table, and a semi-portable table. If you already have one, I might take it. If you want to offer one so you can get massages, I might take one. But if you are going to purchase one, please let me make some suggestions before you purchase. Between settling for a table and not “needing” a table value may vary.
  • Storage: See ‘go green’ above. If you keep a massage table for me, we can negotiate a reduced out-call cost.
  • NO Custom food or meals: Don’t make it too personal. If you cook even professionally, invite me to a party where everyone gets to enjoy a meal. Give me a gift certificate to your restaurant, etc. If you have a gift certificate to a restaurant you hate, I may take it, but $100 at a restaurant I may also hate or would never go to is probably not worth $100 to me. The same goes for a party I may not have time for. Store bought meals should not risk being bad or expired, and something I would eat. (These-gift cards or prepared meals-may be better for TIPS or holiday gifts so long as you don’t make it too personal)
  • Short Rides: If you do not mind, and its not out of the way, a ride may be accepted.
  • Trips/Rideshare: Rideshare’s are queen. With the cost of airfare, and time dedicated to a plane trip, car trips are frequently better for me.
  • Trips: Sometimes the right plane trip offered through frequent flyer miles, couch surf, or a hotel special can be a help for a trip.
  • Camping Supplies: With frequent camping trips, some things could always be used ***Ask about potential items***
  • Modeling & Photography: I do several mailers and fliers each year, and us a different photo set for each. Instead of TFCD, I can trade for professional massage therapy.
  • HulaHoops: Of all sizes and designs.
  • Yoga Classes: Yoga is good for all!
  • Mini Fridge: With isolated freezer For cold therapies
  • Mini Fridge: Hot Towel Cabi – Hot Towel Warmer
  • Other items….

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